Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cup ring sold

Well, it has been in my Etsy shop since the beginning with lots of interest and love (quite a few hearts) but until now nobody has been brave enough to buy it. And now it's on its way to the other side of the globe to its new owner. I now have to consider if I want to make more of these rings or just make one for myself so I don't miss this one too much:)
Should I continue to make more? Let me know your thoughts...

Have a great Thursday.


  1. This ring is indeed very special. The lucky new owner obviously has fabulous taste!

  2. I think it's gorgeous. And I love it. And I would totally wear it. But you can't make what you can't sell, so do what your gut says.

  3. This was one of my favorites in your store! Congrats on the sale. :)

  4. Thanks everyone! I think I'll relist it as well as make another for myself:)