Sunday, November 17, 2013

'New' Studio

WOW! Where does the time go? I can't believe I've been away from blogging, Etsy and the bench for so long. I've since had another baby (a boy this time), and as he is now approaching 1 year, it's time to start planning my return to the bench. Recently I've been interested in crafting in general, turning my hand to Japanese paper cutting, crochet (again!), and most recently (and most excitingly) sewing. I have a fabulous sewing teacher who is teaching me how to use Japanese patterns to make children's clothes. Learning to sew properly was a life-long ambition, especially as I come from a background of sewers. So expect to see a variety of crafty creations coming this way soon.
As well as my own craft work taking a bit of a change in direction of late, I've also been focusing on inspiring my 3 year old daughter to get creative. She has been working with me in my new studio space and has already had a try of my sewing machine and today made a copper wire necklace using pliers (under supervision of course!). It's fascinating watching her work as she rummages around in her collage box (a bunch of fabric off-cuts, random scrap-booking stuff and other bits I found).
So that brings me to the 'new' studio space. I was actually looking for a studio somewhere close to where we live, but what could be closer than a home studio? I just had to bite the bullet and clear out the 3.5 mat 'storage' room we have been stacking with unwanted things, baby equipment and Christmas decorations. It was once my studio space, but when baby number 2 was in process, became a storage space.

It is still a work in progress, but mainly, things are where I want them to be and each drawer has been sorted through and rearranged. As far as 'storage' rooms go, this one is not half bad. It has a window, aircon, electricity but sadly no water.

 The view from the door to the jewellery bench and stack of paintings ready for an exhibition...some day!

 The 'clean' table for card-making and sewing

 Ready to go. Needs a bit more sorting to get the tools in the right place.

Sorted drawers with rather uninspiring, yet functional labels

Thanks for sticking by me. Would love to hear your comments about the new space. 
Will make an update soon with new work,

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