Monday, January 19, 2015

Zawa-Zawa Shimokitazawa

 Welcome to Shimokitazawa. 
Known for its youth subculture and bohemian vibe, Shimokita is also home to lots of families and many elderly people who have lived here all their lives. Antique and vintage clothing shops are everywhere. The trendy and unique sit alongside the traditional and old-fashioned. It's such a fun and friendly place to live with its abundance of coffee shops and restaurants, and always something interesting going on at the weekend. So inspirational for design too...I just have to step outside my door.....

One of the three (yes, three!) local supermarkets within a few minutes of each other.

Colourful shutters keep the graffiti artists at bay in Shimokita (mostly). This is a shot of the Senbei (rice cracker) shop before opening time.

A 4 year old's persepctive of our closest vintage shop. 
When we went in here, my daughter was amazed that I remembered having similar things in our house when I was her age. "Was that the olden days, Mummy." No, no it wasn't!

Traditional toy shop, also selling vintage-style sweets for kids. These displays change for the seasons and the upcoming festivals. Very retro, very cool, always colourful.

 What is this place? Japanese speakers, no cheating please;-)

A) A restaurant
B) A hair salon
C) A flower shop
D) A bar
E) All of the above

Leave your answers on my Facebook page to find out the answer on Friday:)

Much more to show you next time.

Mata ne,

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