Thursday, March 23, 2017

MARCH BLOG FEATURE: Kirstyn Takahashi from The Cake Fairy

I'm Kirstyn from NZ. Now living in Tokyo with my husband and two children. I am also known as the Cake Fairy.

I have really fond memories of choosing which birthday cake I wanted from a cake book when I was young. I would often help my parents create the cake and began making them for my teachers and family too.
When my kids turned 1 respectively I wanted to give them a birthday cake as exciting as I remembered my childhood cakes to be, but was unable to find anything similar here in Tokyo at the time. Most Japanese celebrations revolve around strawberry cream shortcakes which are not overly decorated, so there is a niche here for those who want something more western and colorful.

Created for a Sony Pictures event for Angry Birds

I sharpened up my skills and began making cakes for my family and friends' celebrations. I realized that it was really a passion for me and I am still so excited every time when I get to make someone else happy with my cakes. It's such a privilege to share people's special occasions. I like to see how kids change in their cake requests from year to year, and I love hearing the stories of people's lives. Husbands who surprise their wives with thoughtful cakes, parents who book their child's first birthday cakes months ahead because they are so excited! 

A request from my son for a realistic Stag beetle cake
Cake decorating is very labor intensive so I find it hard to get long periods of uninterrupted time to create. I am thankful that my family and friends have been so supportive of me and I am lucky to be able to balance orders around the other responsibilities in my life in an attempt to get some balance. That being said, I often feel like I am sliding through on the skin of my teeth every day.
 A custom cake to match a party dress

I try to push the limits with my cakes where I can. I love the challenge of interesting and unusual requests. I hope to make people say "Wow!", and the best comment, "I can't believe it's a cake!" Sometimes gravity is an annoying obstacle however!
 Anyone for a slice of Gruffalo?

I am so blessed to enjoy what I do and create customized, one-of-a-kind cakes, making happy memories for people. 
Here are some more of my favorites:

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