Saturday, January 24, 2009

Going to work

Not sure why I took my camera with me this morning, but I found myself snapping as I walked to the station. Not everyone knows what the 'normal' parts of Tokyo look like. Everyone assumes that the city is built up with sky scrapers and flashing neon everywhere. Well, not where we live! Folks, that would be Shinjuku, Shibuya or even Roppongi and surprise, surprise...Tokyo can be quiet and even serene in places.
If I go to the top of street I can see Mount Fuji in its majestic glory during the winter and the chirruping birds wake me up every morning in our tiny stone garden. The sun streams across our terrace every morning and the sound of the rustling trees from our neighbour's garden can be heard in the kitchen. The biggest city in the world? A bustling metropolis? Sometimes I just feel like I live in a tiny village.


  1. Interesting photos Victoria..thanks for sharing them. I've never seen such calm suberbian photos of Tokyo before..I'd love to visit someday!

  2. Wow, how cool to see other parts of Tokyo. You are so right how most of us who have never been have this image of skyscrapers all over.