Sunday, October 18, 2009

Etsy Weekend Feature

Every weekend, I will be featuring one Etsy maker on my blog. I'm looking for items linked to Japan, zen or the Japanese design ethic. If you are interested in being featured, please post a message on the forum thread here.

This week I am featuring EcoChicHandknits. Barbara makes beautiful crocheted nesting bowls from 100% organic cotton yarn.

Read on to find out more about EcoChicHandknits

I am based in... Stony Brook, New York - which is located on Long Island.

I work from... My couch! I have a very small house that I plan on moving out of in a few years *hopefully* but its really the only place for me to work from. I have all my yarns stored in boxes in the closet and keep a few skeins out at a time. Its worked out well for me so far but I dream of the day I can have my own craft room.

My inspiration comes from... things that I would want and need myself. I started making these bowls because I wanted set. I needed a way to organize my dresser and my desk that would still look great. My shop is still very new but I am planning on adding a lot more items in the future based on things that you use everyday and I also try and create things that I can reuse to replace items that I would use and then throw away. I plan on having a line of coasters (so you would use these instead of a paper napkin each time) as well as a washcloths/dishcloths (rather then using paper towels). I like creating simple practical items that will brighten up your day each time you look at them. I am also inspired by our environment and try to do my little part to help out which is why I only use 100% organic cotton yarn (although I am looking into a wonderful new yarn that is made from recycled cotton so keep an eye out for that!).

The things I hold most dear are... my family and friends. I would be no where without them. I am especially lucky for my boyfriend who has been wonderful and very understanding as I have been starting my business. He has put up with many hours of being ignored while I crocheted on the couch trying to get items to post and filling orders and still encourages me to do more to help my business grow.

The 5 words that describe me are... creative, determined, perfectionist, caring, and fun .

The 5 words that describe my work are... organic, eco-friendly, practical, lovely, meaningful.

In the next year I... hope to have many more sales and have a very successful business. I hope to have a lot of different products to offer and hope that they sell steadily and eventually get that craft room ; )

You can also find me... Since my business is still so new I haven't had time to start anything else yet (like facebook, twitter, etc). I am working really hard to get some more items up in my shop first but I am going to look down all these avenues soon. Keep checking my store for updates!

Thanks Barbara for such an interesting interview. Check back next week for a new feature.
Have a great week all.



  1. Thanks so much for including my interview. It looks wonderful!

    I have a quick update for any of the readers: I just started a twitter account if you'd like to follow me!

  2. great looking bowls! How'd she do that? lol