Saturday, October 24, 2009

Etsy Weekend Feature- Whitefly

Hi everyone,
As promised (and a little early) here's the second weekend feature from an Etsy seller. Amanda from Whitefly makes the most beautiful jewellery by casting directly from real vintage lace, ribbon, satin or string into solid sterling silver and gold.

Enjoy the interview!

I am based in... Los Angeles

I work from... my home studio

My inspiration comes from... I enjoy the inherent beauty of natural materials, and metals. I love balance and the expression of ideas in a clear and simple manner. For example the idea of remembering special friends or relationships with a knotted string.

The things I hold most dear are... friends, family, experiences.

The 5 words that describe me are... loving, open-minded, creative, enthusiastic, ambitious.

The 5 words that describe my work are...
elegant, clever, unique, precious, balanced.

In the next year I... hope to continue to grow my own business and transition to working full time for my own company.

You can also find me... Southern Weddings,,,,


  1. Very beautiful work! I love how delicate it is - thanks for sharing :)