Saturday, November 21, 2009

Etsy Weekend Feature- Hunter to the Hunted

This week I'm featuring Amy from Hunter to the Hunted. She has a wide array of items in her Etsy shop from brooches (pins), to collars, to designer fabric covered buttons. Read on to find out some more information about Amy's work.
I am based in... Torquay, a sea side town about an hour from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

I work from... Our Office/Craft Room/2nd Guest Room. And the kitchen table. And the couch...

My inspiration comes from... All over..especially other artists, nature, music, books..

The things I hold most dear are... Family, friends and my sanity...which comes and goes.

The 5 words that describe me are... Obsessive, excitable, quirky, sensitive, honest.

The 5 words that describe my work are... Unique, eclectic, evolving, raw, myself.

In the next year I... Hope to broaden my range further, whilst refining techniques. I also hope to broaden my following!

You can also find me... on twitter at