Thursday, January 26, 2017

An exciting delivery

Anyone who follows me on Instagram or Facebook or reads this blog will know about my obsession with all things vintage... and all things Japanese. My most favourite of all things vintage and Japanese is kimono, and all the accessories that go along with it. 

So I was absolutely thrilled when a friend asked me if I would be interested in her mum's old kimono to use in my jewellery designs. Interested?! I almost jumped up and down on the spot and squealed! But instead said, "Yes, yes please that would be fantastic!" And a few days later she dropped off this box...

Want to see what's inside? Really? OK, let's go.

The first thing I found was a lovely cotton yukata. Can you feel my excitement building...?

And then a long haori jacket with the most exquisite lining.

Some fabulous obi for yukata (how much do you love the stripes?!)

And then a stack of large white envelopes. Ever wondered how a kimono is stored? Each one is folded in a special way so that it is completely flat and then stored in a paper envelope like this. My heart was thumping already so I started to open them up one by one...

This deep purple kimono had a shibori (kind of Japanese tie-dye) motif and hand-stitched crosses.

A Jackson Pollock-inspired kimono.

Just look at the tiny splashes of gold outlining on the leaves. Not on all leaves, just a few clumps here and there...

A snowflake-inspired light kimono. The fabric on this one looks like a summer kimono, but I'm a bit confused about the motif. Perhaps this is so that you feel cool in the humid Japanese summer?

I think this purple kimono is my absolute favourite. I love the over-sized geometric design and the deep, deep luscious shade of purple.

A floral kimono with exquisite detail. Look at that painting!

And just when I thought it was getting near the end... 4 gorgeous obi (kimono belt).

I am one lucky designer. Now I have to work up the courage to break these beauties up. Not sure I can do it.

Thanks for reading. 



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